:: October 16, 2014::

Here are 2 new "Periodic Table of Elements" prints, "Beryllium" and "Boron". Each print is 2 colors (metallic gold and yellow for Beryllium) (metallic gold and green for Boron) printed on black paper. $15 + shipping each. This completes the first set of 5 prints and they will start shipping out to Element subscribers in about two weeks.

"The Periodic Table of Elements" subscriptions are offered in groups of 10 prints ($130 within the u.s. & $140 international) and will be shipped 5 at a time in 2 shipments. Click here to subscribe.

and.. Here is September's print "the day everyhing became nothing 3" - 2 color screen pirnt (glows in the dark), 18"x24" - signed and numbered.

My all glow-in-the-dark show "the day everything became nothing" at gallery1988 is up until October 25... pleae come by and check it out if you are in the los angeles area! all the works are available to view and purchase online through the gallery. here's the link: GALLERY1988

to make shopping a little easier, i created a link where you can view everything i have available to purchase. click here to see the STORE

*PLEASE NOTE* - SHIPPING: orders usually take 2-3 weeks to ship. EMAILS: i reply to ALL emails... sometimes it may take a few days for me to get back to you.




PRINT OF THE MONTH: the day everything became nothing 3


2013/2014 PRINT CLUB BONUS PRINT (only available to members) ::

"sentimental and melancholy"




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